Rodney’s Diet Secret, Cow TV


Lucky enough to have a horse.


This is why Rodney has lost weight that his senior self cannot spare. He spends ALL DAY in this corner staring at cows. He hates to miss a moment in the ongoing cow soap opera. What is the brown cow doing now? Will the black cow continue to eat from the hay roll? Stay tuned!

All of that is time he does not spend grazing. We give him as much hard feed as we dare at mealtimes. I put him up in the afternoon for a teatime hay snack. We are s-l-o-w-l-y packing the pounds back on.

Judging by his waistline, Milton seems to have a healthier relationship with the cow entertainment. He is able to balance his viewing habits with appropriate self-care.

Days of Our Cows

As the Cow Turns

General Cow-spital

Cows of Our Lives

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  1. It is the most wholesome form of reality tv though, he isn’t likely to want butt implants or lip fillers after watching Keeping Up With The Cows.

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