Looking Goofy, Horse Show Outtakes

Milton at from dressage shows at Falcon Hill Farm [Show Report] & Full Circle Horse Park [Show Report]. Jeremy Villar Photography Villar on Milton at FHF, “Milton’s a funny horse – the first time I caught him with his tongue out it made me smile, but then he kept on doing it and I couldn’tContinue reading “Looking Goofy, Horse Show Outtakes”

Rodney SitRep, Saddle & Soreness

Rodney’s saddle situation is not as dire as I had first thought [Evil Twin]. Things seldom are. We switched to the second & third girth straps instead of the first and third. This changes the balance of the saddle enough that the wither clearance is just on the correct side of acceptable, instead of justContinue reading “Rodney SitRep, Saddle & Soreness”

Rodney Continues To Be A Saga, A Bout Of Blog As Therapy

Rodney had a bad day [Evil Twin]. Which means I had a bad week, or more. It’s been a while since I’ve indulged in a good, solid Rodney whinge. Shall we begin? In general, as my horse goes, so goes my attitude. Good day at the barn? Happy me. Bad day? Bad me. Have youContinue reading “Rodney Continues To Be A Saga, A Bout Of Blog As Therapy”

Two Hops Forward, One Step Back

“Adventures Are Not All Pony-Rides In The May-Sunshine” J.R.R. Tolkein This is a warts-and-all blog, right? Well, we had a bit of a set-back. TLDR: Milton had an fit of the hops. I sat it. Commence mental gyrations. The Timeline T-2 days. Milton had two hissy fits while being lunged. Both times occured while heContinue reading “Two Hops Forward, One Step Back”

Considering Milton

Milton’s signature move is to lick and chew while pinning his ears. What’s up with that? Milton doesn’t like to be touched. We’ve ruled out the physical reasons. His skin feels smooth and clean. No rough spots, no scruff. The hair lays down as it should. He doesn’t quite shed dirt the way Rodney doesContinue reading “Considering Milton”

We Interrupt This Training Regimen For A Weather Report

Rain. More rain. Build-an-ark levels of rain. There was a time when I was a hardy eventer who laughed at the rain and rode through the mud. That time may come again. Now is not that time. No riding. No hand walks. No body work on wet horses. Fortunately, both horses have rainy day activitiesContinue reading “We Interrupt This Training Regimen For A Weather Report”