Considering Milton

Milton’s signature move is to lick and chew while pinning his ears. What’s up with that? Milton doesn’t like to be touched. We’ve ruled out the physical reasons. His skin feels smooth and clean. No rough spots, no scruff. The hair lays down as it should. He doesn’t quite shed dirt the way Rodney doesContinue reading “Considering Milton”

Because The Shopping Never Stops

Horsekeeping Items bought in response to the Tennessee driving show [Not a post] and to prepare for Milton’s first non-compete adventure [Here for the Experience]. Driving knickknacks. Trace hangers that we should have had in Tenn. While we were at it, quick releases for holdback straps on the britching. Driving Essentials Pull strings for quickContinue reading “Because The Shopping Never Stops”

What I Love About The Horse World

We all have horse world horror stories that cause us to roll our eyes, gnash our teeth, and doubt human nature. Other times, it can be a great place. Saddlebreds show with freakishly long tails. In between shows, the tails are braided and tied up to preserve as many tail hairs as possible. In theContinue reading “What I Love About The Horse World”