Because The Shopping Never Stops


Items bought in response to the Tennessee driving show [Not a post] and to prepare for Milton’s first non-compete adventure [Here for the Experience].

Driving knickknacks. Trace hangers that we should have had in Tenn. While we were at it, quick releases for holdback straps on the britching. Driving Essentials

Pull strings for quick releases, so you have something to grab in a crisis. Coach Kate favors replaceable whip ends. Carousel Tack Shoppe

Tack/Bucket/Whatever hooks. Because I can never have enough. I lose them faster than I lose socks. Carousel Tack Shoppe

Went in for hooks, above. The nice lady at the tack store was on the phone. Wandered about store. Good thing she got off the phone. Who knows what else I might’ve bought. Sox: b/c I like the design. Curry: I didn’t like the feel of the new ones, so I bought the last of the old models. Told NLatTS that I was picky about my grooming tools. She said I was picky about everything. Fair enough. Carousel Tack Shoppe

Home Depot: battery-operated interior trailer lights, tack box, fire extinguisher.
Walmart: Stall fan, cord, zipties.

It never ends, does it? What was the last horse or hobby related item you bought?

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Katherine Walcott

10 thoughts on “Because The Shopping Never Stops

  1. I bought a new horse in May. Given we already have three, I tried to convince myself that I probably didn’t need much new stuff to go with the new horse. Wrong. So very, very wrong. I quickly found it’s really inconvenient to have to schlep my (western) saddle back and forth from our farm to the barn where I’m boarding the new horse, so my last purchase was a PVC saddle rack for the back of my car. Before you laugh, I’ll confess that while that wasn’t an inexpensive item, it was far cheaper than buying a third saddle. Since I also ride the horses that are here at home, the (daily) tossing the saddle in the back of the car routine got old pretty fast. (If I were to guess, that was right about the time the outdoor temperature and humidity started to soar?) And it wasn’t good for the saddle either. Hence, the new saddle rack. (See how easily I justified that purchase?) Boarding the new horse at another barn also meant buying a whole new set of grooming gear, tote, faces masks, etc. I’m dreading the fall blanket games.

      1. We are already one horse over our two-horse limit at home. The horse I bought makes four. It’s not a land restriction thing, it’s that our barn was basically designed with two horses in mind. Three is a tight squeeze. Four would get ugly, especially during inclement weather. And then there’s the hay storage limit. We have room to store just enough hay to feed three horses for a year. But that’s cutting it close. Very close. Yes, we could bring in more hay, but the location of our barn is tricky and winter or early spring deliveries are next to impossible sometimes. In addition, the new boy is young and was just gelded in Dec. (I have a mare at home) We don’t have the best amenities here to work a green horse. Having access to a round pen, a large, well-built outdoor and indoor arena mean we can work and ride with consistency, which I find is the #1 ingredient to success with a youngster. In addition, the barn is managed by a lovely young lady with a TON of experience, who is a wonderful source of help if I need it. (I’ll need it!) Boarding him for a few years will give me an advantage I simply don’t have at our home farm. And as much as I hate the expense and not having him here, the boarding barn is only 10 minutes from my back door. 🙂

  2. Another leash – this time a 10′ to use when working larger areas for scent work. And before that blingy collars that I most definitely don’t need but do love. I have many more leashes and collars than dogs…but I’m mild compared to some I know. (for those that don’t know me, for me it’s always about the dogs).

    1. This is getting interesting. I have a 10′ leash for Eowyn so she can move a bit more – like trotting along (she’s a little pom).

  3. Plant, fabric, new horse, mobile saddle rack, leash, bell boots. We are a diverse group.

    Okay, new horse wasn’t “the last item bought” but is a big deal. Congrats!

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