Rain Games in the Pasture

While I was walking the dog, the horses came over to say hello. Given my resolution to spend more non-riding time with Milton [We Interrupt], I deliberately stopped what I was doing and stood with them for as long as they were interested.

There was yawning …

… we …

… visited …

… Milton decided it was time to play the Face Game…

… this appears to be the equine version of the slap game. They put their noses together, then see who is the first to bite the other …

… Rodney preferred more active pursuits. Kicking …

… rearing. I call this ‘When wild stallions meet.’ …

… and trotting about. Eventually, trotting lead to galloping, which led to running off into the distance.

From time to time, Rodney would trot back over to me. I swear he checking that I was still watching.
‘Didja see me? Didja?’
‘Yes, Rodney, I saw you.’

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

Categories: Horse Behavior, Horses, Pasture

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