Lesson Styles, Go Big or Go Over What You Know

Adventures in Saddle Seat


There are two philosophical approaches to my saddle seat lessons.

The Upward Trajectory. Ride the fiery steeds. Try new things. Learn from every horse. Get outside of my comfort zone. Well, a little bit. This is me. I’m not suddenly going to develop four-star nerve.

The Comfortable Shoe. Ride a sensible, familiar lesson horse. Remember what it is like to walk, trot, and canter without drama. Remind myself that I know how to ride. Work on refining the details. Have fun. I spend enough time wearing out my big girl panties dealing with the home team.

These are not mutually exclusive. Riding Sam is the latter. Learning to drive is the former.

Yesterday’s choice was a deep theory lesson on Sam. That’s when Coach Courtney and I talk about the mechanics of riding a lot and Sam stands a lot. He likes those.

Sam grazes afterwards. Once again, I got caught up in the ride and I forgot to take a mounted photo.

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Katherine Walcott

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