Five Years Ago Today


Today is the fifth blogaversary for Rodney’s Saga. [We begin. Again.] I wish I had something deep and life-changing to share with you. Mostly, it’s been me yapping into the void, telling the universe that I exist.

Bottom Line
My blog has a purpose – to keep me from going batshit crazy.
[I’m Baaaaaack … With Camera]

It may not be a high purpose, but it’s been a successful one. What more can I ask from a handful of electrons?

Five For The Blog
In honor of the occasion, I dug up five things that I did as a blogger. All the posts on riding, showing, horse shopping, whining, & celebrating don’t count. I would have done those anyway. These I would not have done without the blog.

Attended a model horse show. [What Happens at a Model Horse Show?]

Wrote a song parody. [When I Was a Colt I Served a Term]

Wrote poems.
[Peregrinatio in Stabilitate], reposted by Horse Nation, Horse Haiku: Eventing
[Placeholder Haiku]
[Armchair Athlete]

Got naked.
[Do I Dare?]
[The Naked Challenge]
[My Thoughts On Posing Naked]
[Rodney’s Thoughts on My Posing Naked]
[7 Answers]

Asked for guest posts. Too many to list. Huge thanks to everyone who took photos, wrote about their projects, and/or shared their lives. I love to hear other people’s stories. If you are interested, put “guest post” in the sidebar search widget. If you are interested in guest posting, let’s talk.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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