Rodney Lives With His Life Choices

Awareness of the outside world. wins two Pulitzer Prizes, one for local reporting, one for commentary, May. 08, 2023. Poynter: All roads lead to Alabama for the 2023 Pulitzers, Three winners, two finalists, by Jennifer Orsi, May 8, 2023.


In the spring, our weather is such that it is warm in the evening but cold(ish) by morning. Rodney would very much like someone come out in the middle of the night to dress him suitably.

Similarly, he would prefer to spend several hours after dinner in the stall, eating hay and basking in the Sharknado-free Milton-free zone. He’d like to be let out right around the time the temperature drops.

There is a competition record that would have made this possible for him.

Imagine the last 13 years … Let’s say he …

Won a year-end award at the Preliminary Level in eventing.

… AND …

Took me around a Grand Prix in show jumping, or better yet, won one. A small one would be okay, I’m not picky.

… AND …

Earned my USDF Bronze medal in dressage.

Or even, two out of three.

For that horse, I would spend their retirement getting up at 2 am every night to switch clothing and arrange accommodations.

As it is, he will have to settle for the standard care package.

A life of leisure comes at a price, Dude.


2 thoughts on “Rodney Lives With His Life Choices

  1. We live with our choices but we also live with the lack of choices we are given. Rodney does the best he can with what he is. You are amazingly patient. Look at all that you do for him. Let that be enough for you if not for him.

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