Rise and Shine, Firmly in The 50s & 40s, Virtual Tevis 2023

Awareness of the outside world. So I guess the medical folks who are denying care based on religious principles did not grow up with the Parable of the Good Samaritan? The point of the story is that you don’t just get to help the people you like. Mentioned before; worth repeating. [A Good Enough Selection]


Virtual Tevis Cup 2023
100 Miles in 100 Days
19 April to 30 July

Rodney – 13 miles this week, 52 miles total
Milton – 13 miles this week, 48 miles total
Tues 9 May to Mon 15 May

Still plugging away, one mile at a time.

Up & At ‘Em

Horses continue to be good about working before breakfast. [Let The Morning Rides Begin]

Virtual Tevis Posts [Driving Milestone, Solidly in the 30s, Virtual Tevis 2023], [Archives]


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