Pack Train Practice, Strolling Through The 60s & Flourishing in the 50s, Virtual Tevis 2023

Awareness of the outside world. Guardian: US states agree breakthrough deal to prevent Colorado River from drying up, Milman, 22 May 2023. Vox: The 100-year-old mistake that’s reshaping the American West, What happens if the Colorado River keeps drying up? Oltman, Resnick, Estes, & Walsh, Apr 21, 2023.


Virtual Tevis Cup 2023
100 Miles in 100 Days
19 April to 30 July

Rodney – 15 miles this week, 67 miles total
Milton – 9 miles this week, 57 miles total
Tues 16 May to Mon 22 May

Hand walk in the morning. In the evening, a combination of hand walks (both), riding (Rodney), and longline & driving (Milton).

Rodney’s extra laps came from our monthly 5K, a extra walk when I thought it was going to storm in the evening – resulting in 3 miles that day – and a few days when Milton’s walker was not available.

We Got Us A Convoy

Part of our lap is a single track through the trees. Rodney likes to walk closer to Milton’s hind end than I am comfortable with. Instead of fussing at him to slow down, I toss the leadrope over his neck and let him go on ahead of me. He parks his nose in Milton’s tail and does his mule train impression. I bring up the rear. Rodney trundles along, makes the turn, and gets a cookie when he successfully negotiates the section.

Technically, I believe pack and mule trains are tied together. These two are not, but they have that air.

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2 thoughts on “Pack Train Practice, Strolling Through The 60s & Flourishing in the 50s, Virtual Tevis 2023

  1. Rodney and Milton get the best of care. They probably don’t appreciate it. The walk in single file sounded like it could be a short video some time. Is there such a thing as a horse-cam? Just a thought on a rainy day.

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