The Big Barn Theory

Awareness of the outside world. Collider: Why ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Is So Hard to Watch Now, Stoddard, Mar 14, 2023. Extremely stated but not incorrect. Interesting timeline on the popularization of nerd culture. Clearly, we are still entertained by the occasion rerun, or two. And yet there are shows I will. not. watch. People are weird.


Milton has a tendency to pin his ears and bite Rodney.

Rodney has a tendency to put himself where this is possible.

We routinely say to Milton, “Sheldon, be a better friend.”

We routinely say to Rodney, “Leonard, don’t be an ignorant weenie!”

or simply …



In case this doesn’t ring any bells, TBBT Quotes: The Anything Can Happen Recurrence. Turns out we are misquoting a bit. Probably too entrenched to correct.


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