36 Days Of Type 2023, Graphic Art

Art of the outside world. James Cook, Typewriter Artist


Project Description, 36 Days of Type



Process Notes. 9 through A are three screenshots from my Instagram account. Thought about creating a new account for this. Couldn’t think of a clever name that wasn’t taken. Decided to go ahead and use the blog account since I wasn’t doing anything with it anyway.

The Z image came to me first. The rest of the alphabet was drawn in compliment. Initially, when I start a file in Inkscape, my color choice is arbitrary. Have I said this before? I just pick something from the color wheel. By the time I’m done working with the letters, I can’t imagine them any other way. Shape, planned; color, not so much.

Alphabets By Others

Since my project began with Z, I have linked to the Z post, mostly. All Instagram.

LEGO Bricks
@liam_kelley:Z 2-D
@spillingtype:Z, 2-D photographed in different locations
@rightbrainedhuman:G, 2_D, a thru g
@joaqboch:Z, 3-D with added Escher

@oddly arm:Z, colorful vignettes
@ani.journals:Z, black & white
@misterwoodywoods:6, #6, numbers are animals, letters are people

@shiviletters:Z, lines
@studio_de.zign:Z, twisted lines
@maikoshimizuart:Z, black, white & gold, with … is for
@kuduchkar:Z, multicolor
@algo_riddim:Z, black, white, & gray
@luanaoliva.design:Z, 3-D acrylic
@ui.adriana:Z, white & black with colored backgrounds

@joomrtns:Z, metro lines
@_theartsymind:Z, origami
@abcl.art:Z, stained class
@chuecanuria:Z, stained glass-style patchwork
@moscasland:Z, variety
@jadeirvingdesign:Z, homemade stamps

Print: Highlights from 36 Days of Type 2023, Halfway Through the Challenge, Beach, May 1, 2023.

My 36 Days Alphabet for 2022, [Project Intro], [A to G], [H to N], [O to U], & [V to 1].


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