Driving Milestone, Trotting

Awareness of the outside world. Brooke USA. For the horses who support families. For the horses who work for living, including driving.


Milton trotted!

Milton trotted with the cart!

Milton trotted with the cart at home!

This is the first time he has pulled (technically pushed) the cart at a trot this year. It is the first time he was trotted with the cart at home EVER.

Working at home is so much easier. So! Much! First off, it is easier on the face of it. No packing up of gear. No loading of horse. No driving of truck.

More importantly, it is easier to do good work. Short, daily repetition is better training than occasional wodges of longer effort. It is easier to go out for a short session when that session is in the backyard.

When one has to haul, it is tempting to a) not go as often, and B) do more work once one is there.

Little and often works for so many things.


4 thoughts on “Driving Milestone, Trotting

  1. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
    A favorite quote from a former boss.

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