Finding The Stinky Silver Lining in Dog Ownership

Awareness of the outside world. Hand In Paw.


As you may know, we adopted/inherited two senior dogs.

We had some scheduling issues at the beginning. Our long center hall is now lined with waterproof indoor/outdoor rugs that can be hosed off.

We built them a ramp, because senior.

We have a spacious, well-fenced dog pen out the side door. Unfortunately, that side of the house has a large drop-off. Too many stairs. A ramp would be too steep or too long. So, we built the ramp out the front door, over three steps with a rise of two feet.

They often do not clear the ramp before squatting. If they do clear the ramp, they go to the base, squat, turn around, and come back.

As a result, the area at the end of the ramp smells strongly of dog urine. We have spread gravel. We have used neutralizer. Not much you can do when 100 pounds of Basset Hound uses the same spot multiple times a day. The entire area immediately outside the front door reeks.

The silver lining? The key word in that sentence is OUTSIDE.

Good dogs.

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2 thoughts on “Finding The Stinky Silver Lining in Dog Ownership

  1. Do you have a hose near that part of outside? (yes, outside is good!). As our HazMat people say ‘dilution is the solution’. At dog events, I notice the smell near the buildings but it’s always gone after the rain…

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