Driving Milestone, Solidly in the 30s, Virtual Tevis 2023

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Virtual Tevis Cup 2023
100 Miles in 100 Days
19 April to 30 July

Rodney – 14 miles this week, 39 miles total
Milton – 15 miles this week, 35 miles total
Tues 2 May to Mon 8 May

Seven days, twice each day. Handwalks in the AM. Handwalks & walks with tack in the afternoon. Rodney under saddle. Milton long lining in harness, plus once hitched to cart.

That is the first mileage Milton has done for Virtual Tevis as a driving horse. Can’t do that in the IRL Tevis.

Not Chasing The Numbers

Rodney’s total is 39.8 miles. It was tempting to go a few more steps to hit 40 miles. I decide I didn’t want to chase the numbers. The margin of error might fall one way, might fall the other.

We did two standard handwalks on Monday. The GPS was not feeling generous. Logged the morning walk as .97 miles and the evening walk as .95 miles. The shortest yet. The wonders of modern technology. GPS.gov: GPS Accuracy.

Virtual Tevis Posts [The Joys of GPS, Breaking into the 20s], [Archives]

Update. On Tuesday morning, the exact same walk registered as 1.09 miles. The longest yet.


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