Squad Goals, Driving

Awareness of the outside world. Show Biz Cheat Sheet: Helen Mirren Proves to Be Quick Study in Driving Buggy in ‘1923′, by Nunn, February 3, 2023.


Wilson Groves is the husband of Robin Groves, Milton’s favorite clinician. [Milton Rises To The Occasion]

There is a video of Mr. Groves hitching, screenshot above. [YouTube: Section C Welsh driving and riding mare. Driving demonstration]

Mare stands quietly, sans header. Driver moves calmly and efficiently around her. No Drama Hitching.

We have decided we will do this thing. Not standing unattended, that is a bridge too far. The rest of it. Milton will learn to put it in park for hitching. We will take the time it takes. For example, we had not been using the kicking strap to keep him from standing longer while it was buckled on.

No longer. We will aim for calm and efficient hitching. If we fall into the trap of hurrying to get it done, we will group. We will move incrementally as Milton accepts each step. We will regroup with understanding and patience if we have moved too fast or if Milton decides he wants to revisit a previous step. That’s the plan.

I’m hopeful. He has learned to be an excellent loader and a trailer has to be a lot scarier.

The biggest change is that I will no longer be dispensing pocketsful (yes, multiple pockets) of treats to keep him peaceful. If he needs to be distracted by cookies, we need to go back a step until he is cool with it.

So far, Milton has accepted this philosophically. He would, of course, prefer more cookies. He listened when I told him to stop fussing about another cookie and to center himself. He will still get treats, but at certain points in the process, not as a continuous stream.

We’ll see how it goes.


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