Pondering The Hypothetical

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What to do about bad news?

When hauling a sick horse to the vet clinic, one fears the worst. Or at least, I do. On our way to the vet clinic last month, I kept wondering, ‘What will I say on the blog?’ [Poop Watch]

Of course, this was a distraction from those things I did not care to think about. I love y’all, but in a crisis, the blog will be the last thing on my mind.

Or maybe not.

She Moved to Texas announced her husband’s overdose almost immediately. She seemed to derive strength from her online community. The blog as since been ended. She continues to write elsewhere on the Internet, Medium: How to Date Me (and My Dead Husband), A simple guide for a complicated situation. Lauren Mauldin, 2018. Author bio, “An MFA candidate, memoirist, editor & has just finished her first book, Animalistic, a memoir about losing her husband to addiction.”

I announced the bad news about Mathilda right away since I had to talk about that before talking about the horse show. Reading over the posts now, they come off as a little abrupt. I probably wasn’t as together as I thought I was. One usually isn’t. [Sad News & Show Report: Dixie Cup, GIHP]

During the funeral trips for my uncle and for my MIL, looking for blog posts gave me something else to do. [Touring The Towpath, & A Moment of Calm To Start The Year]

Having said all of this, I still think my first reaction to bad news events would be to hide under a rock.

That’s not fair to you. Having invited you to share my story, it’s unfair to suddenly drop off the radar. I know as a reader I worry when a horse blogger disappears. Two Paths Farm: Just a Little Farther…“, see comments where the author assures me that everyone is fine. [The Repost, Deuce Completes The Virtual Tevis]

So how to handle?

Definitely don’t put it in the title. That would ruin everyone’s corn flakes.

Nor would I want to dump the whole sad load into your lap all at once.


Speak of Angels, Hear Their Wings Flutter

As I was wondering about this, Hellomyliva gave an excellent example of how to share bad news in a considerate fashion.

Hellomyliva: Another Hospital Visit

Start with a title that is mild but indicates all might not be sunshine and flowers.

Give a calm, explanatory intro. Warn people who might not wish to continue.

Use keyboard characters to create space.

Then, tell the story.

I used the idea of forced distance in a happier context [Between The Ears, Mystery Mount, Guest Photos]

So, I would probably do something similar. Eventually.


At the time, I won’t care. That’s why I’m thinking about this now.


3 thoughts on “Pondering The Hypothetical

  1. Thinking ahead… it is wise to do so, at least I have always imagined it is. And then I wonder sometimes about my own pondering—am I being proactive or simply worrying?

  2. I do worry about ones that just disappear. Lots seem to do that. I do like it when they announce it.

  3. I’ve confronted my irregular blogging and gaps of silence multiple times, and surmised that an irregular and sporadic blogger I will be. my energy is a precious, fickle little creature and I need a lot of process time for most changes. but I seem to always return. Thanks for the pondering traverse

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