Touring The Towpath, Virtual Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K 2022

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Monthly 5K for October

Virtual Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K
Erie Canal towpath
October 2022
Stats: 3.2 miles in 56 min 38 seconds
Recorded by Strava
Time includes photos & notes. Go me!

New York State seemed like a good place to do a NYC virtual walk. Fortunately, the Erie Canal towpath is a fabulous place to walk: level, well-maintained, accessible from a variety of points along the canal. [Rearranging the Admin, State of the Fitness]

Props to the Strava Tech Support. I managed to do something with the recording program that shouldn’t have been possible. They got various widgets talking to each other so that my walk got recognized. Success!

IRL Walk


Turning …

… around.


Walk went well, fast even.

1.2 miles. Energy sag. Starting to become a regular feature. Perhaps the switchover from my regular one mile to the three miles of a 5K.

1.7 miles. With an out & back, one has no choice but to turn around and finish, particularly if you are not at home where someone could come scoop you up if you bail. Not a problem, just the inevitability of it.

2.7 miles. My knees wanted to hear more about this “quiet feet” concept. Although they refer to it as gentle steps. Not interested in feet for their own sake, only as they affect structures higher up. Knees are a very self-involved part of the body. [Magic City, comment]

Logo from NYS Canal Corporation: About the Canalway Trail

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Update. Easy to omit the obvious. I was in New York for few days for a family function. The canal was definitely a highlight of the trip. Visited every day. Walked on it most days.


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  1. Thank you.

    Not my towpath, alas. See update.

    So many bridges that the canal didn’t really interrupt traffic patterns. Narrow enough that you could drive over without realizing.

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