More Murals At The Birmingham Zoo


Birds of the outside world. “A surprisingly productive place for year round birding.” Alabama Birding Trails: Birmingham Zoo.


Murals by Carolyn Rox
Bird Department
Birmingham Zoo
Birmingham Alabama, USA

Instagram: carolynrox.wildartist

Instagram: Poseidon family

Instagram: Native birds

Previous post [Murals at the Birmingham Zoo]

Photos taken during [A Walk in the Zoo, A Sprint for Sloths, A Semi-Virtual 5k]

Inside pool. Murals are what happens when I run out of anything else. Mental inkwell so dry I couldn’t even come up with a non-fiction writing post, which are usually a piece of cake for me. Ah well, better luck next month.


3 thoughts on “More Murals At The Birmingham Zoo

  1. Your mental inkwell is amazing! How you can come up with daily posts, much less such good ones, is beyond me. And for so long!
    The murals are cool! Good post.

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