Artists Are Awesome, Jewelry Edition


Awareness of the outside world. Dabls Mbad African Bead Museum.


Pendant from Riskto Stitch. Chain custom designed & created by KalmiaArt.

Closeup of bead work.

Close up of swirly pattern.

Process notes. Jewelry photography is hard! The subject is shiny & tiny.

Also, my house does not get winter golden hour. Summer? Lovely light. Winter? The angle of the sun and the position of the hills puts everything in shadow at the relevant time.

Disclosure. No promotional affiliation. Personal affiliation with both artists. I’m all for buying from friends, as long as they make pretty things.

KalmiaArt (one word) belongs to the multi-faceted blog contributor, Michelle D. [Post archive]

Whats a photo shoot without a photo bomb? Rhyme.


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