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Awareness of the outside world. U-Haul Offers Help to Quebec Families Affected by Construction Delays during COVID-19, April 2020. Why does this offer specify July 1? “Moving Day (French: jour du déménagement) is a tradition, but not a legal requirement, in the province of Quebec, Canada, dating from the time when the province used to mandate fixed terms for leases of rental properties. It falls on July 1, which is also Canada Day.” Wikipedia: Moving Day (Quebec).

U-Haul Venture Across America and Canada SuperGraphics
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Press Release, SuperGraphic Unveiling Event Representing Quebec 2011.
Artist, Steve King Illustration & Design. Check out photo essay on the process U-Haul Graphics How They’re Made, and Where is SammyU hiding? Hidden Character in U-Haul graphics.

Pulls self out of Internet rabbit hole.

Parked outside Helena Hardware November 2020. I wanted something horsey today, so this one is from the reserve pile. Hence the blast from the past.

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Generating Stories By The Luck Of The Throw


Since I don’t offer much content today, here is a book recommendation, one that made it out of the tsundoku pile. The Middle Ages: A Graphic History, written by Eleanor Janega, illustrated Neil Max Emmanuel (Icon 2021). Info from the author’s blog, Going Medieval: Sneak Peek: The Middle Ages, a Graphic History (out now!). [Additions] + +

Rory’s Story Cubes Classic from Homewood Toy & Hobby.

Reservation the first. This post would be improved if I could have accompanied these fiction prompts with fiction that they prompted.

Reservation the second. I can’t help but think that real fiction writers don’t need props.

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Not Running The Not Tunnel, Walk Report, Virtual Lincoln Tunnel Challenge 5K

Fit To Ride

Awareness of the outside world. Race is a fundraiser for Special Olympics New Jersey.

The Virtual Walk
Lincoln Tunnel Challenge 5K

Dates, Official – September 1-30, 2021
Date, Me – Sunday, September 19, 2021
Place – Railroad Park & 18th Street Underpass.
Distance – 3.2 miles = 5.15 km
Time – 1 hour, 2 minutes
Results – None posted
Note. Second half of two 5ks in one weekend. [Flying Low]

This is one I would love to do IRL. Watching for the elegantly tiled state line marker was the highlight of many trips to visit grandparents in New Jersey. Photo, You Don’t Know Jersey: Signs of New Jersey – Lincoln Tunnel – New York City, Hanson, 2013.

The IRL Walk

Railroad Park, not new. [Savannah Bridge]

“Tunnel” section, new.

The underpass was the best I could do for a tunnel in the area. Pretty and right next to RR park for mileage.


Underpass vs tunnel? Surfing says … an underpass is the underside of a bridge. A tunnel involves digging underground, or the case of a mountain, digging straight ahead.

Architect: Light Rails, FitzGibbons, 2013. Click over for better photos of the lights.

InHabitat: LightRails: Dark Alabama Underpass Springs to Life With a Rainbow of LED Lights, Zimmer, 2013. Ditto.

“Traffic zips by the unicorns in the 18th Street tunnel, where the light display matches the colors of the unicorns.” [We – The Unicorns … Bring Their Magic To The Magic City]

Bham Wiki: 18th Street underpass Lincoln Tunnel

Drive thru of tunnel, Bridge and Tunnel Club: Lincoln Tunnel

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That Moment When You Remember You Are On A School Horse


Awareness of the outside world. Hunting for Appalachiosaurus, apex predator of ancient Alabama, Pillion, Nov. 15, 2021.

At my Hunter barn lesson last week, School Horse and I cantered(!) several laps of the outside crossrails. Go us!

I was trying my darnedest not to interfere with my hands. [New Lesson Horse, Same Issues]

As we came around the corner to one line, I thought, ‘Well, this is why I am riding a school horse.’ So I threw my hands at him – metaphorically – and let him get on with going down the line.

Of course he did, because he’s a star.

Overall, some of the jumps were not horrible.

I overrode one fence. It’s a bad habit at any fence. It’s a ridiculous habit at a crossrail. But I’m not unhappy with that reaction. At least I was riding, not sitting frozen like a meerkat with my paws in the air.

I’m starting to believe that School Horse will do his job. I know it. I’m starting to believe it.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

Dubious Hay Snacks


Awareness of the outside world. The article discusses cows in Arizona. Can horses elsewhere be far behind? Civil Eats: Could Climate Change Put an End to Arizona’s Alfalfa Heyday? Moran, September 15, 2021.

Hay served. Rejected.

Leftover hay on floor. Rejected.

Uneaten hay in muck bucket. Accepted.

Rodney does the same thing.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

No Stirrup November, No Stirrups Not On Purpose


Awareness of the outside world. Watch 105-year-old Julia ‘Hurricane’ Hawkins run 100 meters at Louisiana Senior Games. Pierce, Nov 6, 2021. For interview video, 105-Year-Old Julia Hawkins Sets World Record for Age Group in 100-Meter Run: ‘It Was Wonderful’, Hahn, November 10, 2021. Not her first rodeo. LSU: 101-year-old LSU alumna and Baton Rouge runner earns world record.

Stories about stirrups and suddenly riding without.

I ride well enough that I don’t panic when I lose my stirrups. I’m not happy about it and I am perfectly capable of coming a cropper, but it doesn’t freak me out de facto.

I have lost a stirrup at a show and lost the class. “I had about two strides wherein I could be slick and pick it back up. Instead, I lost the other one.” [Show Report: SSF]

I impressed the judge, so yay? “She said she could hardly tell I lost my stirrups. My leg never moved.” [Show & Clinic Tweets: SSF]

I’ve lost a stirrup at a show and recovered. “That was four years ago. I can still feel the stirrup sliding off and sliding back on.” [When the Stirrup Swings]

I’ve broken a stirrup leather once, when Milton had his initial come apart. I wonder if I would have stayed on and would that have made a difference? [Did I Piss Off the Universe?]

And finally, a problem with a broken stirrup bar may have been why I tanked on the second day of a show. I didn’t realize it had broken until later. Stirrup stayed on but may have wiggled, causing my leg to waggle. I came out of the day with a lovely bruise on my leg. That should have been a hint. [Show Reports NE GA Charity & MidSummer Classic]

I’m sure there were other stirrup adventures. However, I don’t recall any with Previous Horse. Occasions before that are lost in the mists of time.

Yes, the blog is my external memory. Why do you ask?

Stay safe. Stay sane.