Artists Are Awesome, Jewelry Edition


Awareness of the outside world. Dabls Mbad African Bead Museum.


Pendant from Riskto Stitch. Chain custom designed & created by KalmiaArt.

Closeup of bead work.

Close up of swirly pattern.

Process notes. Jewelry photography is hard! The subject is shiny & tiny.

Also, my house does not get winter golden hour. Summer? Lovely light. Winter? The angle of the sun and the position of the hills puts everything in shadow at the relevant time.

Disclosure. No promotional affiliation. Personal affiliation with both artists. I’m all for buying from friends, as long as they make pretty things.

KalmiaArt (one word) belongs to the multi-faceted blog contributor, Michelle D. [Post archive]

Whats a photo shoot without a photo bomb? Rhyme.


More Murals At The Birmingham Zoo


Birds of the outside world. “A surprisingly productive place for year round birding.” Alabama Birding Trails: Birmingham Zoo.


Murals by Carolyn Rox
Bird Department
Birmingham Zoo
Birmingham Alabama, USA

Instagram: carolynrox.wildartist

Instagram: Poseidon family

Instagram: Native birds

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Photos taken during [A Walk in the Zoo, A Sprint for Sloths, A Semi-Virtual 5k]

Inside pool. Murals are what happens when I run out of anything else. Mental inkwell so dry I couldn’t even come up with a non-fiction writing post, which are usually a piece of cake for me. Ah well, better luck next month.


Touring The Towpath, Virtual Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K 2022

Fit To Ride

Awareness of the outside world. “Proceeds from NYRR Volvo Cars Virtual Racing support NYRR’s mission to help and inspire people through running, and help to support programming like Rising New York Road Runners, our free youth program.” NYRR Virtual Racing: FAQ


Monthly 5K for October

Virtual Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K
Erie Canal towpath
October 2022
Stats: 3.2 miles in 56 min 38 seconds
Recorded by Strava
Time includes photos & notes. Go me!

New York State seemed like a good place to do a NYC virtual walk. Fortunately, the Erie Canal towpath is a fabulous place to walk: level, well-maintained, accessible from a variety of points along the canal. [Rearranging the Admin, State of the Fitness]

Props to the Strava Tech Support. I managed to do something with the recording program that shouldn’t have been possible. They got various widgets talking to each other so that my walk got recognized. Success!

IRL Walk


Turning …

… around.


Walk went well, fast even.

1.2 miles. Energy sag. Starting to become a regular feature. Perhaps the switchover from my regular one mile to the three miles of a 5K.

1.7 miles. With an out & back, one has no choice but to turn around and finish, particularly if you are not at home where someone could come scoop you up if you bail. Not a problem, just the inevitability of it.

2.7 miles. My knees wanted to hear more about this “quiet feet” concept. Although they refer to it as gentle steps. Not interested in feet for their own sake, only as they affect structures higher up. Knees are a very self-involved part of the body. [Magic City, comment]

Logo from NYS Canal Corporation: About the Canalway Trail

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Update. Easy to omit the obvious. I was in New York for few days for a family function. The canal was definitely a highlight of the trip. Visited every day. Walked on it most days.


Milton’s Clinic, Guest Photos


Awareness of the outside world. “The American Driving Society, Inc. supports carriage drivers in the United States and Canada through education, events, rules for competition, and licensing of Officials.The American Driving Society


Milton & Greg
Robin Groves Clinic [Clinic Report]
Whip Hand Farm
Franklin TN
November 2022

Photos by Kate Bushman. Border & watermark added.


Shadows at Silver Lining

Horse World

Awareness of the outside world. Survey appears to be over, but the question is interesting. Gizmodo: Volunteers Needed for Research. Must Like Talking About Your Cat. Scientists at UC Davis are hoping to survey cat owners about using telemedicine, which might make it easier for cats to get the health care they need. Cara, November 5, 2022.


Went down to Silver Lining Equestrian Center to help with their fun show.

Human lawn jockey.

Standing by as jump crew.


New Feed, Wellness Senior Mix


Awareness of the outside world. I have not been able to find out how the Seminole Tribe of Florida feels about the brand usage. I assume not thrilled? OTOH, there could be a historic association I am not aware of. Anyone?


Seminole Feed, Wellness Senior Mix(R)

Silver Lining uses Seminole feed. We thought we’d give it a try. Previous feed was okay but not thrilling. We are having trouble settling on a good fit for Rodney.

A new feed involves readjusting the meal size, particularly for a horse who is sensitive to being overfed. So far, Rodney likes the feed. It smells wonderful, and – most importantly – he may have put on an ounce or two of weight.

We considered switching Milton to the easy keeper version in the Wellness line. Nope. Our feed store does not carry that particular bag. I did not want to get back into criss-crossing the county hunting for zebras. I’ll do it if I have to. Not worth it for a horse who does well on most feeds. [Milton’s Meals & The Feed Quest Becomes an Exercise in Perception]

Another point in their favor. “Seminole Feed® is one of the few companies today that manufactures fixed-formula horse feeds.” About. We’ve now had two brands that radically altered their feed for winter. [Feed Adventures]