Milton Is Chill, Show Photos, SJ Equestrian, March 2019

Dressage Plus Schooling Show
[Show Report]
Jeremy Villar Photography

Schooling Ride
Jeremy Villar Photography

We wait.

Intro A: A. Enter Working Trot Rising

We begin.

Intro A: C. Track Right (at a walk)
Jeremy Villar Photography

Para-Olympics has a walk-only test. I don’t know how they do it.

Jeremy Villar Photography

Checking the Order of Go. Note the dropped reins. Not a smart safety practice, but ever so chill.

Jeremy Villar Photography

I don’t know what is going on here, but Milton and I do not approve.

Jeremy Villar Photography

This may be from out brief canter. I know we never trotted fast enough for his mane to blow in the breeze. If so, it is a record of our first canter in public. Our first intentional canter in public [The Canadian Horse & The Red Queen]

Intro B
Jeremy Villar Photography

Tests were a slight decline from our previous show. Kept a decent trot. Not so much with the contact
[Previous outingShow Photos].

Jeremy Villar Photography

Whoa there, Wild Horse.

Trot Over Poles Class
Jeremy Villar Photography

As the day warmed, I switched to a quiet pink shirt. When I tacked back up for the poles class, my groom suggested using Milton’s red pad. I had the red shirt in the trailer. Why not?

Post Ride
Jeremy Villar Photography

We be done.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. Love your smile in the (possibly) canter shot! But I also love how chilled Milton is – well done.

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