Settling On A Show Name, Finally

The Georgia Dressage & Combined Training Association sponsors or recognizes or has some relation to the Full Circle shows. Not sure of the exact details. All I know is that I had to sign GDCTA releases last year, whether or not I was a member.

This year, I decided to join. If they are supporting shows, I want to support them. Plus, there may be a chance of acetate at the end of the year, always a motivator for me.

Keeping track of series points means keep track of the horse. We needed to make a decision on Milton’s show name [Roll Call]. We liked Milton 2.0. As with Miltonn (two Ns), it would be too much confusion for too little return. We went with …

… drumroll …

… Major Milton.

This harks back to his race name, Major Conn, while using his current name.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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