New Equipment, Hoofpicks, Yet Again


Awareness of the outside world. Lawyers, Guns & Money: Consequences of the new gilded age: Law school edition, Campos, August 7, 2022. Deep dive, L,G&M: Why does college cost so much?, Campos, May 30, 2021.


Yep, another order of The Ultimate Hoofpick. Still no connection to the company.


My husband is a brilliant craftsmen, capable of repairing anything.


He also believes in letting his tools live free and interesting existences, independent of his supervision.

Recently we couldn’t find either of the two Standard, yellow UH that we own. While I knew they would return, couldn’t hurt to have extra. So I ordered him another one. While I was at it, might as well get two.

Since then, both original yellows have surfaced.

The smaller, Junior blue & Junior pink ones that I use? Know exactly where they are. But you knew that already didn’t you?

So, now we own six of the expensive little dears. Ah well, he should be able to find one for a while. And, as always, at least I got a blog post out of it.

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Doctor Whooves Plays In The Pony Ring, Show Report, Lachlan Farm Hunter Show 2022


Awareness of the outside world. Smithsonian: Against All Odds, England’s Massive Chalk Horse Has Survived 3,000 Years, Cleaver, 2017. English Heritage: Uffington Castle – White Horse and Dragon Hill.


Lachlan Farm Hunter Show
Rolling Hills
Sterrett AL, USA
Saturday 6 August 2022

Academy Walk Trot Equitation over poles I – 3rd of 3.
Academy Walk Trot Equitation over poles II – 3rd of 3.
Academy Crossrails Equitation I – 3rd of 3(?).
Academy Crossrails Equitation II – 4th of 5(?).

Featuring Rodney & the old lady with an assortment of ponies & young riders in various flavors of adorable cuteness.

I was expecting someone to think we were too bigtime to show in a crossrails class. I did not expect this attitude to come from my horse.

Warm-up. Ring was empty, so we could do as much walking and trotting as we cared to. By the end of warm-up, he was still overjumping, but calmly. Also the ring was covered, so one of the better places on the grounds to hang out.

First class. Due to the way the show was running, they held crossrails before poles. Which defeated the purpose of starting low and building up. Oh well, in we went. Took all fences with minimum effort. Squad goals!

Second class:

Rodney: Why are we here? I should be doing fancy classes.
Me: I don’t disagree. However, we are starting here.
Rodney: Piffle

The only word for the subsequent performance was … brat. No anxiety, which is great. He has to learn that the true professionals are the ones who don’t feel the need to show off. He’s still spiking the football. [The Many Faces of Rodney Over Fences]

Almost flat class. Offered to be an extra in the walk-trot flat class so that it could be split so that a pony could be shared. I explained to Rodney that it was the same situation as a jumper doing the four-foot Confirmation Hunter to fill out the class as a favor to a friend. He was cool with it. Once the heads were counted, our presence was not needed.

Poles classes. We were there. We had paid. Might as well. Every class was a chance to practice going in the ring.

No media. Jumps low and of little visual interest. Classes at end of schedule, therefore lots of waiting, therefore everyone ready to go home once we were done.


At The Horses’ Annual Check-Up, The Check-Up Is The Easiest Part


Awareness of the outside world. A thorough recap of the 2022 IRL Tevis, both the good & the bad. Equine Ink: Tevis 2022 Results.


We Are The Woe (with apologies to Queen)

We are the woe-ful.
We are the woe-ful.
No time for woork-ing,
‘Cause we are the champions of the wwwoooeee.

Time for for annual check up & shots. Once again, took the horses to the clinic instead of having the vet come to us. Amazing how quickly a clinic visit goes compared to a barn visit. [Rodney & Milton Visit the Vet, Annual Check-up Version, 2021]

This year, the response was less woe and more stiff neck, please serve my hay in a haynet. The woe didn’t look all that different from daily napping, with less grazing. [Woe Is Us, Seriously Look At Us, We Are The Very Image of Woefulness, We Radiate Woe In Waves 2020]

Last year, Milton nope-ed right on out of it. Too much flashback to his surgery. [Visit the Vet]

This year was Rodney’s turn. They were running late, so they offered us stall to get the horses out of the sun. Sounded reasonable. Except being put in a strange stall taps into Rodney’s fear of abandonment. He thinks he’s going to be left there. [My Horses Are Weird, Separation Anxiety Version]

He was much happier afterward, once he got back to his trailer. Much like the clinic trip. “Apparently, they are more comfortable standing being tied to their trailer than moving around in a strange stall.” [Rodney & Milton’s Excellent Overnight Adventure]

Due to the high level of activity at the clinic, we ended up being seen on the concrete apron outside. Milton approved.

Note to self. Next year, have the exam on the porch, for Milton, and let them stand tied to the trailer, for Rodney.


The Illustrated Month, August


Art of the outside world. US Botanical Garden: Take a Virtual Tour.



A – I shouldn’t have bad feelings about an entire twelfth of the year. Yet here we are. [Hello September]

U – Stepping Stone Farm goes to the World’s Championship Horse Show in Louisville KY. I go vicariously. [2016, 2018, 2019-1, 2019-2, 2021, Why Green?, Spotted on the Green Shavings]

G – Gochta Day. Rodney [Cast], Milton [Meet Milton].

U – EarthSky: Why hottest weather isn’t on longest day, Bryd, 2019. In related news, Library of Congress: Why is it hot in summer and cold in winter?

S – School starts earlier every year. We are not directly affected but see changes in traffic patterns on roads and in the atmosphere at barns. [Low Key Photo Challenge, Back To School]

T – May this by the year to prove me wrong about August.


Correcting August myths. Live Science: Keeping Time: Months and the Modern Calendar, Coolman, 2014.

HuffPost: Here’s Why August Is Becoming Such A Popular Baby Name, Bologna, 2021.

“In the Caribbean, we start independence celebrations in August because Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago got theirs in this month, 6th and 31st respectively.” Prips, Your Guide To Jamaica: 9 Fun Facts About August.

“The first sandwich was made on August 6, 1762, when the Earl of Sandwich asked for a dish with meat between two pieces of bread. Legend has it that he ordered the meal in the middle of a gambling game and didn’t want to interrupt it.” Prips:Aug #3.

OR Who Invented the Sandwich?, Subtitles, An 18th-century English nobleman helped popularize the snack—so much so that it eventually took on his name, Little, 2014/2022.

The History Place: This Month in History, August

Last month [The Illustrated Month, July]

Archive [The Illustrated Month 2022]


State of The Blog, State of the Comments


Books of the outside world. Listening to Semi-Famous by Josh Sundquist. Chose audio because he reads it. “The consensus was that it’s a memoir, they want to hear it from the author, and if it’s fiction, they want a professional actor.” The Everywhereist: What’s It Like To Record Your Own Audiobook?. I concur.


If You Just Want The Sausage

Technical adjustments should make it easier for me to keep up with comments.

How The Sausage Is Made

Last year, I apologized for my severe delay in commenting. “My WordPress program has developed a weird hiccup. When I look at an unpublished post, I am logged in. When I look at a published post, I am not.” [State of the Blog, Blanket Apology For My Comment Response]

I bumbled along this way for a year or more.

Recently, in clearing my cache, I managed to do the same thing to my phone. Now I appeared as a visitor on my own posts, both desktop & phone. Phooey. It also bounced me out of commenting on everyone else’s posts. Not insurmountable, but time to fix.

Poked around a bit. Installed log-in widget on main blog. I had been logging in through subsidiary blog because I did not see the need for a log-in button on the main blog. [Rodney’s Storage]

No dice.

Contact WordPress. Prompt & helpful.

Online chat with tech support. Turns out the widget I used for the main blog didn’t work for them either. The one I was using on Rodney’s Storage was a legacy that still worked.

As with the doctor’s office, one does not want to be the interesting case for tech support.

Gave me another method without widget.

Still didn’t log me in.

Could I have restricted the cookies? Sure, that sounded like something I would do. Since this part of the problem was my on end, they couldn’t help. Pointed me to article and wished me luck.

Pull up article. Go here. Yes. Click on this. Yes. Pull down this menu. Yes. Click on this option. Uh … nope. Not there.

At this point, I was tired of it all. Annoying because I had been on the page to make the change but now couldn’t get back.

Personal tech support came home. I asked for help.

Handed over phone. Tap, tap. Phone fixed. Tap, tap, tap. Article that shows how to fix desktop. Done.

Well, okay then. Now I am a full admin for my own blog on both my phone and my desktop.

Staying with my philosophy of letting readers talk amongst themselves first. [Comment Policy]

Archives [State of the Blog]


Walking With Intention, State of the Fitness

Fit To Ride

Awareness of the outside world. “We are a campaign to heal intergenerational trauma, fight systemic racism and transform Black lives. As women organize walking teams, they also mobilize community members to support advocacy efforts and lead a Civil Rights-inspired health movement.” GirlTrek: About


GirlTrek: June 1st! The Jumpstart is here!

And we’re back. Having restarted exercise, I shall restarted Fitness Fridays. [A Foto For Friday]

I like the variety of the walks listed on the GirlTrek chart (click over for bigger image): in a national park, to support a cause, across town. I will try to add these as available. Generally, I stomp around the field.

I love the idea of intentionality. “#2. A “Trek” aka a walk at GirlTrek is at least 30 minutes in sneakers. It should be intentional.”

Let me tell you a horse story.

When Mathilda was retired, I used to take her on daily strolls. [My Two Horses]

You might not think a horse would need to be walked. They are on their feet (almost) 24/7. Walk. Graze. Walk. Yet, we saw a difference when she and I would do a few laps around the pasture.

I posit that there was a benefit to 20-30-whatever minutes of continuous walking, rather than the stopping and starting she did the rest of the day.

So that’s my plan. One mile of continuous, intentional walking each day.

Note. My pace per mile is closer to 25 minutes, maybe 20 minutes in a 5K, but one mile is nice round number, so I’m staying with it.

July Exercise Summary

Walking. A double handful of walks last month. Not on days when I was in town with The World Games. I counted that as effort, if not exercise. [Volunteering]

So far most of the walks have been at a local pocket park to take advantage of the paved, level path. Will get back to pasture walks soon. Well, as soon as I go around the path with a set of clippers. Greenery regrows fast! [Preferring the Pasture]

Biking. A small handful. Short distance. Still at the prove-you-can-get-on-a-bike stage.

Tai Chi. One IRL class. Probably will not repeat. It’s a long drive for an exercise class. I don’t do one for a while. Then, I decdde that the drive will be fine. Then I do it and remember why I don’t.

All going okay. More tired than I would like after.

Mileage Logs

Walking [Virtual Mississippi River]

Biking [Virtual Great Ocean Road II]


Trotting About At Home


Awareness of the outside world. My request to join a Facebook group was declined. Why does rejection always hurt? Even if the rejection is from faceless strangers of a group in which you were only moderately interested? And yet it does hurt. Each rejection recalls the other times I was excess to requirements. While I was able to acknowledge that there are people who like me, I was in enough of a tailspin to wonder why they did. IDK, maybe other folks are more mature and better able to handle the opinions of others.


Once again, no jump schooling.

Last time, Rodney had a minor setback. [All Revved Up With Nowhere to Go]

This time, it was my turn.

I tripped over a branch in the driveway while unloading groceries. On one hand, the bag of groceries kept me from seeing the stick. OTOH, the bag of groceries cushioned my fall. Spent weekend sore and stiff from the sudden redirection of kinetic energy.

Since we weren’t schooling the jumps at Falcon Hill Farm, we set up a grid line of poles and low cavelleti in the riding area of the pasture. Trotted the line several times. Rodney only wanted to run at them a little.

No idea why my horse finds his own backyard so alarming.