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Rein Arrangements

Driving Thursday

Milton has graduated to the snaffle rein.

Driving bits come with several places to attach the reins. The gentlest is on the top ring. The farther down the shank > the more leverage > the stronger the bit. Last year, Bliss alternated between the snaffle ring and the first slot, depending on circumstance.

[New Equipment: Bit & Pieces]

When we first hitched Milton, Coach Courtney wanted stopping power. The reins went in the first slot. Once Milton proved to be a good guy (as much of a guarantee as one ever has with horses), Greg switched to the snaffle. Happy horse.

It’s a trade-off. Annoy the horse, but be able to stop him once he gets annoyed. Or have less brakes, but the less chance of needing said brakes.

Milton has made it clear that he does not wish to return to the higher leverage. Therefore, I too have graduated to the snaffle rein.

(A while back I said that Milton does not care what is in his mouth [With Great Bit Comes Great Responsibility]. I might have been wrong. Or this may still be true. Or it might have been true then and wrong now. All we can say is that with Greg driving, Milton prefers the snaffle. Since Greg long-lines him before I ride, I inherit the same bit configuration. If horses were easy, they wouldn’t take a lifetime to learn.)

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Show Photo: ProAm 2017

Saddle Seat Wednesday

Bzzzt … Thank you for playing … You are the weakest link …

Doug Shilfet Photography. Web image of purchased photo.

Originally, I didn’t want to remember anything about this show:

This is the first time I did not buy a riding picture. It was that bad.
[Show Photo: Pro-Am 2017, The Wonderful Mr. Whizbang]

In the interest of completing the historical record, I went back and ordered. Why buy a bad photo? There was at least one where Desi was cute. Mostly she looked annoyed. I was a cross between grinning jack-o-lantern and deer-in-the-headlights in all of them. It was a horrible show [Show Report: Riding at ProAm 2017, or Showing Without My Security Blanket I] that ushered in a horrible spring/summer [Sine Die Saddle Seat, Pondering the Hiatus]. Why not get the picture that reflects the true situation?

My trifecta of saddle seat sins: looking down, leaning forward, and riding off my lower leg. Observe the daylight between my knee and the saddle. At least my hands are up?

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Riding reins!

Riding reins for me to ride my horse!

BioThane reins from Two Horse Tack!

Why white? Why not? Since we are sharing the driving bridle at the moment [I Ride Milton!], I wanted a color that would not get confused with Milton’s black [Reins] and red (eventually, for marathon) driving reins. Since driving reins are removed when unharnessing, the potential for a tangled heap of reins is high. At least we will be able to sort by color.

So they get dirty. They are schooling reins.

Schooling reins that I will use to school my horse!

Schooling reins that I will use to school my horse who I rode again on Sunday! (Although getting on was harder than it should have been, or more accurately, harder than I wanted it to be. I will prevail! Eventually!)

I’ll stop! using! exclamation marks! at some point!

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Mud Bridge

Filed under Why didn’t I think of this before.

Two old jump poles crossing a chronically muddy patch in the pasture.

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Please help. I need book recommendations.

I am lettering 26 horse books for my Sunday posts again. It combines drawing letters with hunting for horse books. Win-win. This year, backwards.

Have nothing: N,I,G,F,E,D,& C

Have book but am open to other suggestions: Z,X,V,R,Q,P,O,M,& J

Will take recommendations on all letters, particularly obscure books/authors and the less populated letters. Since I’m going reverse alphabetical, I need the later letters sooner.

Project explanation [AlphaBooks 2017]

Authors from last year [Letter Art, AlphaBooks: Recap 2017]

Process notes: Not in Inkscape [Goals]. I tried. Will continue to hit my head against a wall try to learn software from online tutorials. Colors from New York Cliché, which I have been binge reading over the holidays & while hiding from the cold snap.

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“Behind The Scenes: Andreas Stano,”
USDF Connection
December 2017/January 2018
United States Dressage Federation

A short interview with the owner of an online video service,

©2017 United States Dressage Federation. Used by permission. Reproduction prohibited without prior written permission of the publisher.


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Top 9 of 2017

Recap courtesy of 2017 Best Nine. Previous Year Top Nine [Instagram: December 2016]. The lead post both years was a ribbon photo. Y’all know what’s important to me. Robert & an SSF Christmas bow repeat in the top nine.

Last month’s Instagram from @rodneyssaga. Previous Month [Instagram: November 2017]

Rodney's new habit? #horse #riding

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SSF on Christmas eve. #holidaydecoration #horse #combineddriving

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2017 trainer gift to Miss Courtney

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Milton's first drive with a navigator.

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Winter Solstice Sunset

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Ready for the barn Christmas party.

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Whiskey, The Multi-Faceted Horse

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Seen at the feed store.

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Napping in the snow 2/2

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Napping in the snow 1/2

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Group nap.

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