Show Report, Georgia Fall Classic 2015

GA Fall 2015 sign

Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter
Perry GA, USA
November 21 & 22, 2015

Is it okay to be a little bit evil?

Points-chasing is evil. Points-chasing can lead otherwise well-intentioned souls down the path to horse abuse and bad sportsmanship. One should compete for the joy of the sport, regardless of the ribbons. Therefore, I hang my head to admit that the third reason I went to this show was for the points. Yes, driving; yes, double classes [Show Today]. But also points.

Let’s be serious, we all know I will show next season. I may even show in the occasional Academy class, for various logistical & financial reasons. However, the plan is to show less heavily [Whither Saddle Seat]. Therefore, I went to one more show this year to sweep up the last few points toward a chance at some lovely high-point awards on offer. Six classes and the likelihood of small entries meant mission success regardless of what places I took. But just this once. I can quit points-chasing any time I want.

Most memorable line: Coming out of my first driving class, I was told, “It’s not a chariot race.”

Out-take from tweet photo shoot:

Sam & Big Photo by Melissa Croxton
Sam & Big
Photo by Melissa Croxton

GA Fall 2015 Sam & Big closeup

The tallest shavings shed ever:
GA Fall 2015 shed


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