Breaking Radio Silence

A helmet! I spotted a helmet at the World’s Championship Horse Show! On an adult no less! This is THE big saddleseat show, held in August in Louisville KY. To ride on the “green shavings” is the dream of every saddleseat rider. And one of them did so wearing a helmet! See for yourself: Doug Shiflet Photography -> 2013 Kentucky State Fair WC -> Saturday Night -> 239 – Amateur Five Gaited Championship -> 239-016-KSF13.

No, I’m not back. At least, not yet. I miss parts of the blog already. I do not miss the the daily reminder that Rodney is 1300 pounds of frustration or that I can’t manage the moderately simple task of buying another horse. I could start another blog, but horses is what I know. Even writing about other facets of the horse world carries the subtext that I only do so because I can’t write about my own. Presence by absence, if you will.

I just had to tell someone about the helmet. Facebook folks would not understand the way readers of a horse blog would.

5 thoughts on “Breaking Radio Silence

  1. Awesome news about the helmet, sad to read about your delema. I don’t ride saddlehorses, even though they are beautiful. I’ve been a breeder and rider of warmbloods – dressage, hunter, jumper and eventers and we always required to wear helmets on the show grounds and in the rings.
    I hope you see the way to get back to doing what you love soon.

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