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I’m not doing very well at staying away, am I? As with the previous post, I just had to say something.

To understand my delight about this, allow me to provide context. Back in the dark ages of print coverage, Previous Horse & I occasionally did well enough at big enough shows to have our names listed under show results in The Chronicle of the Horse. My aspiration was to get a victory picture. Now I have one. Granted this says more about Instructor’s stature in the Saddlebred world than it says about my accomplishment, but I’ll take it. Plus, it’s nice to hang around people with juice. [Show Report].

Since I have been paid to have photos I’ve taken published in magazines, including the Chronicle, one would think that I would be beyond such childlike glee. One would be wrong.

9 thoughts on “More 15 Minutes

  1. Very nice!

    An option on the blog would be to change to a “when you feel like it” schedule. Not a problem for this reader (I get your blog postings in email), it takes the daily pressure off, and, you no longer have to feel odd about posting when you said you weren’t going to post any more.

    1. Thank you. I did think about weekly/random postings but that still leaves me with the problem of what to say without depressing myself, i.e. horses is what I know, horses is depressing these days. That gets old, for me and for thee.


    2. “horses is depressing these days…”

      With the stellar exception of the Saddlebreds, who have been so good to me. But that is one day a week and one weekend a month versus the mental soap opera that goes on 24/7 in my backyard.

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