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My friend Amy Vanderryn went to Edinburgh. I asked for blog pictures. She delivered magnificently. Welcome Amy.

A unicorn paired with a lion at the entrance to the Scottish National War Memorial at Edinburgh Castle. Virtual tour – The entrance. Artist Phyllis Mary Bone.

Delgatie Castle, Undiscovered Scotland: Delgatie Castle

Fyvie Castle

Photos were taken only where permitted. Amy explains, “Most of the castles don’t allow pictures inside for security reasons. One didn’t allow since Royals stay there, another one explained that they had problems with theft after allowing pictures, so various reasons. Some are on display when the residents are not there. I would hate that. But then again, they cost a lot in upkeep so I can understand it.”

“Ceiling ones are from various family crests from those that lived/married in. The round thing was in the back of a chair that was out, just thought it was cool. The oil painting is funny – the person who restored the place, one of the laird/earl/whatevers, wanted to put art relating to the people that had to do with the castle. That one ended up just being a random one that wasn’t but it ended up staying.”

Previous guest photo post by Amy was from NYC [Crystal Horses, Guest Photo Shoot]. By now, my friends and family are used to humoring my requests for photos. I’m glad. I feel as if I have done a tiny bit of armchair traveling.
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  1. Scotland was one of the very few places out of the country I’ve been. I’ve got pix of a lion and unicorn in from of what I believe, judging by the background, a different building.

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