Equines of Edinburgh, Guest Post

Random Snaps   My friend Amy Vanderryn went to Edinburgh. I asked for blog pictures. She delivered magnificently. Welcome Amy. ~~~ A unicorn paired with a lion at the entrance to the Scottish National War Memorial at Edinburgh Castle. Virtual tour – The entrance. Artist Phyllis Mary Bone. Delgatie Castle, Undiscovered Scotland: Delgatie Castle FyvieContinue reading “Equines of Edinburgh, Guest Post”

Letter Art, AlphaBooks: Z is for Zigby

Zigby Camps Out Brian Patterson 2003 Harper Collins 2002 Zigby and Friends (Not loading on my system) IMDB: Zigby BBC: Zigby Process Notes, for my future reference: 75% Inkscape, 25% GIMP. Created majority of image in Inkscape. Opened in GIMP for cropping, border, watermark (GIMP didn’t like the Inkscape text) & conversion to JPEG. AlsoContinue reading “Letter Art, AlphaBooks: Z is for Zigby”

Can You Ride It? A Link Safari

Camel? Yes. Trek. Journey Beyond Travel: How to Ride a Camel Uncomfortable. Oyster: What No One Told Me About Riding a Camel in the Sahara Desert Far away. Pretty pictures. Not so much about the camels. Race. Abu Dhabi Digital Government: Camel Racing in Abu Dhabi CNN: Camel racing: The multi-million dollar industry mixing modernityContinue reading “Can You Ride It? A Link Safari”

Letter Art, AlphaBooks: P is for Pace

Old Bones, The Wonder Horse By Mildred Mastin Pace Illustrated by Wesley Dennis 1955 Scholastic 1974 National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame: Exterminator ~~~ P Authors on Rodney’s Saga Pryor [New Equipment: Clickers, Back To Kindergarten] Pease [From the Shelves III] This Year [O is for O’Connor] [N is for Newsum] [M isContinue reading “Letter Art, AlphaBooks: P is for Pace”