Can You Ride It? A Link Safari

Camel? Yes.
Trek. Journey Beyond Travel: How to Ride a Camel Uncomfortable.
Oyster: What No One Told Me About Riding a Camel in the Sahara Desert Far away. Pretty pictures. Not so much about the camels.

Race. Abu Dhabi Digital Government: Camel Racing in Abu Dhabi
CNN: Camel racing: The multi-million dollar industry mixing modernity and tradition

Rides. The photo is an ancient one of wee me at the Bronx Zoo. Photo by Mom? Dad? Mom of friend? The zoo still has, although the saddle appears to have changed. Bronx Zoo: Camel Rides

Zebra? No
Slate: Can Zebras Be Domesticated and Trained? Too small & their lifestyle choices have made them too aggressive.
Thomson Safaris: Wild Horses Can’t be Broken: Zebra Domestication Attempts Condensed version of above info plus photo of four zebras pulling a cart.

Ostrich? Not really
Eventing Nation: How to Ride an Ostrich

Elephant? Yes
Elephants Forever: Domestication And Use Of Elephants Historically used for war & industry.

Please don’t. Counterpoint (not a happy read) Huffington Post: If You Love Animals, Here Are 5 You Shouldn’t Ride Due to living and training conditions (elephants & dolphins), behavior (manatees), or physiology (ostrich & dogs).

But, of course, it’s not that easy. “It is only tourism that can provide the money that owners need to care for their animals.” & “Just like the use of horses as ride and pack animals in the West, it all depends on how it is done.” Chai lai orchid: Elephants Facts and Myths

Rhinoceros? If you are this guy.
The Telegraph: South African game warden rides rhino It’s okay, they’re friends. “He also likes to tag cars, trucks and buildings with his horns, its like rhino graffiti.”

Cow? Yes.
Google cow jumping.

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