Letter Art, AlphaBooks: N is for Newsum

Milton Gillian Newsum Kennilworth 1991 Not what you might think. I’ve owned the book since before my Milton was born. Because of the jumper Milton, I was concerned about keeping the name for a Canadian racehorse also named Milton. I was told not to worry. Only the old farts would remember. Newsum on Rodney’s SagaContinue reading “Letter Art, AlphaBooks: N is for Newsum”

Letter Art, AlphaBooks: M is for McKinley

The Blue Sword Robin McKinley Greenwillow 1992, Ace 1987 McKinley on Rodney’s Saga Fantasy & Science Fiction Cover Art Happy Trails Show Report: Alabama Charity Championship, Decatur AL ~~~ M Authors on Rodney’s Saga Mycio [From the Shelves II] Mineta [Texan in Tokyo, Blog & Books] Millard [Images of America: Kentucky‚Äôs Saddlebred Heritage] McCloud [Cross-Fertilization]Continue reading “Letter Art, AlphaBooks: M is for McKinley”

Letter Art, AlphaBooks: L is for Lewis

A Book of Narnians By C.S. Lewis Illustrated by Pauline Baynes Text Compiled by James Riordan HarperCollins 1995 As with Tenniel‘s Wonderland, to me, Baynes is Narnia. Lewis on Rodney’s Saga [Off Topic: LEGO for Lent] [On the Second Day Of Christmas: 2 Talking Steeds] [Fantasy Cover Art: Horse & His Boy] [A Fool ButContinue reading “Letter Art, AlphaBooks: L is for Lewis”