End of the Month Commentary – By the Numbers

Part of me is reluctant to cop to my small numbers, but what is a blog if it isn’t disemboweling yourself publicly?

Rodney’s Saga from December 22, 2011 to December 21, 2012:

366 posts.
69 countries.

Best month: November at 1,151.

Most visits on a single day: 138 views on 4/12/12 [Help Me]. The number of unique visitors for that day is substantially lower, but we have reached the limit of my honesty.

Average per day: 26 in 2012. (19 per day for the few days of 2011.)

Top post: After Home Page, Rodney’s naming contest, above, was second with 212 hits. The memorial to Amy Tryon was 3rd with 188. About & Story So Far were over 100. Everything else was double or single digits.

Country range: US (6717), Canada (438), Austria (343), UK (150), Czech Republic (96), Sweden (32), Australia (26), France (20), India (17), Switzerland (16), Philippines (14), New Zealand (13), Germany (13), Croatia (12). The other 45 countries had single-digit views. I never know if a country with a single hit represents a person – which would be great – or a web-crawling robot. If you are visiting from a country not named here, consider dropping a comment so we can celebrate my international reach. (Statistics as of 2/25/12 because WordPress says so.)

Readers: Some new (Hi there!). Most readers are folks I’ve know for a while, in some cases for quite a long while. I know of another blogger who gets the opposite response. Dunno what that says about either one of us.

Favorite: My favorite post is the breakout one. The one that leads to a book deal and the coining of new literary term, as with Smartwood’s Hint Fiction. Mine hasn’t happened yet.

Of the ones already written, no single post comes to mind. I often go back and find a post about which I had completely forgotten, as hair whorls below. As a great adventurer once said, “You know, sometimes I amaze even myself.” (Of course he shot first. That was the whole point. What good is redemption unless one requires redeeming? But I digress.)

Least Favorite – tie: The above mentioned post on Amy Tryon and a similar remembrance for my friend Etta. I would erase the entire year of posts letter by letter to not have written either one.

Site Stat Oddment: The third leading search term was trichoglyphs (hair whorls), I suppose from the signalment post.

Bloggers: what is your favorite statistic about your blog?

List of posts on blogging.

3 thoughts on “End of the Month Commentary – By the Numbers

  1. I’m a little fuzzy on the stats interpretation too, but strongly suspect that Ellen and I are skewing your country data to some degree! Hey, at least we keep coming back. Not entirely a bad thing.

  2. Loved the post! Small numbers, schmall numbers. Think of us as an actual crowd you talk to every day. A-mazing!

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