Not So New Resolution

Let’s harness the power of opensource humiliation:

Rodney's Saga soda gut
Say what you want about accepting one’s own body, this is just sloth. Therefore, I am joining the mass of Americans in vowing to use this year to Get In Shape – or at least lose this sucker.

Exercise Plan: Move daily.

Step one – Walk. The shepherd [Dog Walks] has taken the place of the mare [My Two] as my excuse for taking walks around the field. Swim. This has the added advantage of getting me out among the three-dimensional people. Stretch.

Definition of mission success: Close to daily for walks and stretching. Solid on 3x week for swimming.

Step two – Stir in cardio and strength work. Consider finding a sport, an exercise class, a non-couch/computer activity. Sit-ups.

Step always – realize that this is not wasted time. This is an opportunity to live in my body and not just in my head.

Diet Plan: Eat three meals. Don’t eat junk.

Advantages – I have an excellent, in-house chef who is willing to make my breakfast before he goes to work, leave a sandwich for my lunch, and make restaurant-quality dinners when he gets home. Yes, I’m lucky. Insanely so. I tell him that regularly.

I only drink on special occasions or indulge in the occasional half glass of something, usually a beer/wine cooler in the summer. There be lots of calories in booze.

I don’t gorge on chips or dessert. If I snack, I tend to reach for crackers, olives, raisins, nuts. Mostly I don’t snack.

Except …

Disadvantages – My weaknesses are Coca-Cola and chocolate bars, including M&Ms. What I lack in range of vices, I make up for in quantity. This’ll be trouble.

Psychological Tactics: The above picture is going on the fridge.

Caveat: Only a few days ago, I promised that my posts would be at least tangentially equine [Mark II]. This is. I should diet for my health. I should get fit out of respect for myself as a whole person. However, I’m doing it to ride better.

How much does riding motivate your diet &/or exercise?

RS lap dog

There are days when it’s just too difficult to get out of the chair.

5 thoughts on “Not So New Resolution

  1. Good one and good luck. Not riding per se, but ballroom dance motivates my diet and exercise program! Those gowns don’t tell lies. Good luck with your New Year and glad to see you’re still blogging away!

  2. Your resolutions are much more comprehensive than mine! I should have made a plan. And you know the first thing I thought when I saw your picture? Nice belt!

  3. You are brave to show your cute little belly! I’ve gone back to tai chi–only this place combines it with kung fu, qi gong (sp?), and contemplation. Maybe it will change my body by changing my attitude?

  4. Excellent plan – healthier eating and exercise are important regardless of your reasons for doing it. That said, riding trousers are just not made for flattery. Unless you’re 18. Being a multiple of that, I prefer to add long shirts to the mix.

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