Hello 2016!

Yesterday, I looked behind [Looking Back at 2015]. Today, I look ahead. Tomorrow, we return to horses.

The Blog
On a bulletin board over my right shoulder, is sheet of paper titled “Katie List”. On it is written “Foto Friday”, “OT Saturday” & “Read for professional development.” It is my personal motivation poster.

Katie was the recipient of a burst of online enthusiasm from me. My advice boiled down to ‘Do things. Do more things. If those don’t work, do other things.’ Well, if I possess the effrontery to tell other people how to live their lives, I can damn well apply that advice to myself. Write. Take photos. Close Candy Crush and fire up my New Yorker subscription.

Therefore, in 2016, my blog will …

1) Continue to serve its primary purpose, i.e. “to keep me from going batshit crazy” [I’m Baaaaaack … With Camera: Bottom Line].

B) Appear daily.

3 or C) Serve as a space for improvement and experimentation. Take artistic photos for Foto Friday rather than simply scrambling to fill the space. Write a few longer, in-depth essays that require reflection and revision. Draw the comic that’s been lurking in my head. And so on.

In other words, blog the same, but better.

For details of our exchange, see her post [Here We Go], & mine [This Is For Katie].

The Boys – Rodney
Rodney and I have progressed to a small amount of work in the ring. I see three paths from here.

1) He will never get to place wherein I feel comfortable taking him off the property for lessons or shows.

B) He will make progress but each step will involve reinventing the wheel.

3 or C) He will have a lightbulb moment and think, “Okay, I got this.” At this point, the world would be our oyster. He has enough talent to compete on good looks & charm – at least at the levels I am aiming for.

Which path we take is up to him. Guess which one I’m rooting for.

The Boys – Milton
Cross fingers. Cross fingers. The new stall routine [Naptime] holds promise. I no longer threaten to send Milton back to Canada on a daily basis. I have stopped quoting the Dread Pirate Roberts, “Good work. Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.” There are even moments when I actively enjoy working around him.

Of course, I want to be ready to show First Level/Novice/Adult Jumpers by spring. Realistically, if we can spend the winter months getting to a mutual happy place on the ground that would be a victory. When the weather cooperates, I hope we will be equipped to trailer him to places and people that will help me with riding him. After that, we shall see.

Have you priced pickup trucks lately?

The Everything Else
My goals don’t change much [8th]. Ride, jump, show. Improve my writing. Improve my photography. Exercise. Stay healthy. Love my family & my friends. Be grateful for what I have. Do something useful with what I have been given. Life 101.

Finally, if I insist on quoting Doctor Who, I really need to get the DVDs out of the box to finish the Matt Smith years and to catch up on Peter Capaldi. (Hangs head in shame.)

Happy 2016 to you & yours!

6 thoughts on “Hello 2016!

  1. My life is going to hell in a handbasket. Wouldn’t mind being in the TARDIS right about now. Could use a sonic screwdriver to empty an ATM machine, LOL.
    Peter Capaldi is way different than Matt Smith. Waay different. Won’t say how – as River Song would say, Spoilers.

  2. Bank robbery: Not a valid use of a sonic screwdriver. The Doctor would not approve. On that thought, how does he pay for food? New bow ties?

    Plans: I can plan like wizard. Motivation? Follow-thru? Well …

      1. That’s Star Trek. I think the Doctor makes up his rules as he goes along. He’s only hit 2 ATMs, not something he does on a regular basis. There are, however, some rules he says he’s not allowed to break, but those all involve stuff of more importance than an ATM.

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