Looking Back at 2015

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I made it! When this goes live tomorrow at 12:01, it will be post #365. A post a day in 2015.

posting 2015

In 2012, I took a scheduled break [Goodbye & Hello].
In 2013, I had a snit [Hiatus] and returned [I’m Baaaaaack … With Camera].
In 2014, I dropped everything to escort Milton out of Kentucky [Delay of Game].
In 2015, I kept at it, skipping quickly past few weak efforts [Why Bother Posting?]. I don’t know what this gets me, other than a Bozo Button for persistence.

Top posts for the year, as of 12/30/15:
Why I Ride by Katie Wood
What Happens at a Model Horse Show?
The Naked Challenge
Fotography Friday: Texture. Written in 2012. Also popular in 2014. No idea why.
My Best Class: Blog Hop Invitation

Since I use WordPress.com instead of WordPress.org, my analytics are limited. I can’t find a comprehensive list of top posts. A few that were popular in other years:

Meet Milton
My Short Happy Modeling Career
Guest Post: California Girl becomes a Southern Belle

Watching the Tevis

A Short Tribute to Amy Tryon

The Everything Else
Reviewing & releasing my resolutions from the beginning of this year [On the 8th Day of Christmas: Eight Resolutions*]

Jump a horse. No. I thought about it. I identified a local barn that gives jumping lessons. In summer, our schedules didn’t coordinate. In autumn, I didn’t want to ruin boot camp [Third & Final Progress Report]. After Nationals, I had no enthusiasm for the project. Did I really want to jump a handful of low fences just to say that I did? Did I really want to add a third barn to my life?

Show my own horses. Sigh.

Buy a DSLR camera. Yes. Learn how to use. No

Start model horse showing. Yes. Started & stopped. To do it right would require more attention to the details of conformation than I am capable of.

Go on monthly adventures. One, the model horse show. Lots of other adventures, but not the sort of blog-specific outings I had in mind.

Learn the Australian crawl. No. Doing occasional stroke and kick practice. The breathing technique escapes me.

Stop buying books. Ha.

Write 365 blog posts. Yes. Then write something other than blog posts. No. I continued with the USDF interviews [Other Writing], but did not expand into new areas.

Did I over-resolve, or underachieve?
*In choosing not to do 12 Day of Christmas this year, I bowed to the inevitable. I can stomp my feet all I want. I can point to historical precedent. Doesn’t matter. Technically, the time before Christmas is Advent. Technically, the Christmas season runs from Christmas to the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6th. Stomp, stomp. No one cares. In the real world, the Christmas season comes before Christmas. It is over sometime on the afternoon of the 25th.
Making it official. From the annual summary supplied by WordPress.

2015 WP streak

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