Why Bother Posting?

If I have nothing to say [Hi There], why say anything? In a word, consistency.

Reader Point of View
The Internet collectively blathers on about best practices for blogging. You MUST collect email addresses. You MUST cross-pollinate. You MUST … meh. OTOH, one dictum I believe is to set a schedule and then to stick to it. Monthly, twice a week, whatever floats your boat. Promise, then deliver. A political blogger, TBogg, used to comment on news of the moment to a decent reception. However, woe betide him if he missed posting pictures of his dogs for Thursday Night Basset Blogging. For example, “I’m busy. Here’s your damn dogs.” TNBB Jan 12, 2012.

I have announced that I will post daily. I figure you will forgive the occasional misfire as I attempt to adhere to that.

My Point of View
I am good with deadlines. I am terrible without them. Daily works. If I broke that iron rule, I would quickly become swamped by utterly believable reasons to delay a post, leading to inconstant posting and constant guilt.

There are days when I am up past my bedtime watermarking photos. I grumble, but derive satisfaction from my eventual success in getting the post out. The only days I hate are the misfires. I always – always – have something to say. (Yes, I can hear the laughter from those of you who know me IRL.) Drawing a blank indicates a fundamental glitch in the operating system.

Move Toward Yes
So why blog at all? Last time I left [Hiatus], it took me three weeks to get bored. Now that I have two horses, it might take six weeks. But bored I would get, “When one has the soul of a Border Collie, inactivity is hell.” [Back].

Moving toward yes means that you don’t stop. You move toward something better, however you choose to define better. In this case, better might be a hectic, remunerative freelance schedule, or an intense training regimen as I get ready for my first Preliminary event. Until then, I shall trundle along.

(I have studiously avoided considering life crises that would leave me boulversé, with no time and no will to blog. Superstitious? Moi?)

Enough navel gazing. Next week, return to ponies and pussycats. Promise.

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