Referral Saturday: Snark-o-licious

Did you miss the Pan Am Games? Attend and want to remember? Now you can get the best bits in one handy format at Ten Things About the Toronto Pan Am Games on Writing From the Right Side of the Stall.

Blog author Karen Briggs is a brilliant writer & hysterically snarky, “How a stylized porcupine in a baseball cap came to be the mascot of the Toronto Pan Am Games is another one of those inexplicable Dafuq? decisions.”

She is not afraid to give the Canadian point of view, “The American brand of patriotism can be a little oppressive, to be sure, but you have to admire their enthusiasm.” 

Unfortunately, blogging does not put feed in the buckets nor food on the table. She does not post as frequently as her fan club demands. Head over. Binge read her archives. Maybe we can convince her to amuse us more often.

Full disclosure: Karen is both a personal friend and a friend to the blog. We share the requisite stories about late-night escapades and the discretion not to tell them.

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  1. Said ‘fan club’ is conspicuously silent most of the time, but I do appreciate the rallying cry! Much appreciated. (I would probably post more often if I could manage to train myself not to write a bloody novel every time a blog topic occurs to me…. suspect many folks just go, TL,DR.)

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