Referral Saturday: Adieu

Test run of a new feature.

Where were you when?

I was walking into the college commons when I heard that Reagan had been shot. At work, talking about the Challenger. At home watching the weather channel when all of the US airports where shut down on September 11.

Tails From Provence is in large part a horse blog. For example, the results of her most recent groundwork competition in Equifeel! Yes, go for the 20-pointers! Last week, the author talked about the German plane, which went down in her area:

In hindsight, I heard the crash on Tuesday.  While I was tacking up Flurry, there was a distant rumble.  I thought nothing of it, of course.  Then, as I was driving home an hour and a half later, a military jet flew so low over Reillanne that I couldn’t believe he had missed the tower of the Eglise St Denis.  Military jets fly up and down the Luberon valley all the time so, again, I thought nothing of it.  Later, when I learned about the crash, I realised that the jet must have been on its way to reconnoitre the site.

Yesterday and today, the air is filled with the distant drone of helicopters, presumably ferrying journalists, recovery teams and the families of the victims, up and down the Durance valley from Marseille airport.  As I worked in the arena with Aero today, a military plane flew over the woods beside us – very slowly, and so low that it was practically brushing the tree tops.  Looking for debris?  Who knows.

But, bizarrely, life goes on …

Finish reading at It feels very strange.

RIP 4U9525 Photo by Tails From Provence
RIP 4U9525
Photo by Tails From Provence

Reblogged with permission. The Internet said better to ask. I don’t see it. I took it as a compliment when Writing From the Right Side of the Stall reblogged my post on Amy Tryon. However, “Others felt that it was something akin to theft.” [The Daily Post: Reexamining the Reblog]. I guess it depends if you think of a reblog as cousin to a Facebook share. No need to ask. Or if you see it as closer to reprinting a magazine article. Ask!
Ballyloch cover downsizeOn a happier note, Tails From Provence is giving away mugs [Ballyloch Giveaway!], has a short story for sale on Amazon [Lucky in Life] &, for a limited time, the story for free [The very first Ballyloch Story]. Contest ends 18.00 CET 3rd April 15.
What do you remember?

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  1. I was going to collect Tansy from school when there was a newsflash on the car radio about the first plane hitting the twin towers. The extension on our house had just started and I remember coming back and telling the builders the shocking news. They came into the kitchen and we all stared at the telly in disbelief as events unfolded.
    Thanks a million for the referral and I hope you win a mug!

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