Milton & Me

Still waiting. So, a thoughty post. All the physical parts are in place: trailer, truck, Coggins. Now we need to have all the people in town at the same time. Our most recent random gesture [Sand Colic?] seems to be working. Milton seems to be settling. I would almost … almost … be willing toContinue reading “Milton & Me”

Anatomy of a Snit

The Short Version Had a meltdown. Decided to stomp away from riding and blogging. Had a great lesson. Decided not to. I meant it at the time. The Rest of the Story Descent into Despair My first lesson after Mid-South was terrible. The bridle was set up in a way that makes me uncomfortable. BecauseContinue reading “Anatomy of a Snit”

Where The Rot Sets In

Saddle Seat Wednesday I had another long ponderment planned to build on last week’s discussion of my deteriorating saddle seat position [Back To Kindergarten]. I find myself without enthusiasm for the thinking. Short version. 1) The position is unfamiliar, which makes me insecure. When things go well, I can cope. When things do not goContinue reading “Where The Rot Sets In”

Styling, Or Not

Saddle Seat Wednesday Over the years, I have compared saddle seat to dressage [In A Nutshell]. Probably because they are both on the flat. Now I’m thinking that saddle seat has more in common with hunters. And that’s not a good thing for me. In jumpers, cross-country, and show jumping (phase 3 of eventing), theContinue reading “Styling, Or Not”