Anxiety Dreams, A Sure Sign That Show Season Has Started

On My Mind, Miscellaneous Thoughts   Why can’t dreams be happy, pleasant, bunny-filled romps in fields of clover? Dreamscape. Checking scores/test sheet after an Intro A ride. I was second out of 2. Wasn’t terribly upset, so must have been a decent ride. One of the scores on the sheet is a 3. For aContinue reading “Anxiety Dreams, A Sure Sign That Show Season Has Started”

Two Hops Forward, One Step Back

“Adventures Are Not All Pony-Rides In The May-Sunshine” J.R.R. Tolkein This is a warts-and-all blog, right? Well, we had a bit of a set-back. TLDR: Milton had an fit of the hops. I sat it. Commence mental gyrations. The Timeline T-2 days. Milton had two hissy fits while being lunged. Both times occured while heContinue reading “Two Hops Forward, One Step Back”

If The Pin Fits

Tackbox Tidbits   by Letter Hen, on Etsy, on Instagram Photo shoot at Birmingham Botanical Gardens Did I use the right photo? Should I have used one with a different background? Or one with this background but with different lighting? Did I crop it correctly? Should I mention that it was a Kickstarter project? AndContinue reading “If The Pin Fits”

Rodney, The December Dismals

The relationship between Rodney and me has completely cratered. It could be him. He’s been jumpy since his first massage back in October [Massage Day]. As if the bodywork stirred up physical issues. He was more accepting of his second massage – when he didn’t think it was ultra-weird – but still jumpy after. OrContinue reading “Rodney, The December Dismals”

Warning, More Whining

Saddle Seat Wednesday Why? Because I’m sharing the journey. Because one day we will all look back on this and laugh? Last week, I left the barn without riding. I went over to Stepping Stone Farm. I watched Miss Courtney work a horse. Afterwards, she proposed two lovely horses for my lesson. The idea ofContinue reading “Warning, More Whining”