Failing On Your Way To Success

Work: day off. Rain. Mostly. Ramblings: There is nothing new. Only restatements of what we already know. I confess, I’m a soft touch for an Ironman story. The winners are super-fit professionals with more focus than I will ever have. Admirable, but with as much relevance to my life as the NBA Draft. At theContinue reading “Failing On Your Way To Success”

What Makes You [Horse] Happy?

Work: PM1 heat therapy & middle-distance handwalk/PM2 groom. Evaluation: warm weather = happy, pleasant horse = happy, pleasant me. Bodes well for summer. Ramblings for the day: Everything from philosophers to Hallmark cards tell us that happiness is within our own heads. But where? How? Anuscha Rees, on a post in her blog, talksContinue reading “What Makes You [Horse] Happy?”

More rain. Yippee.

Horse work: unlikely. 90% chance of thunderstorms with a looming, green/yellow/red blob on the radar. Rider work: exercise DVD. When I complained of feeling unusually cranky about the horse, Hubby pointed out that I have never been happy with any horse at this time of year due to short days, uncooperative weather, and muddy footing.Continue reading “More rain. Yippee.”

The Fish/Pond Equation

Horse Work: PM heat therapy. An unrelated house crisis* threw my schedule out of whack. Evaluation: still on the alert. From time off? Rider Work: mare walk, swim. It is better to be a small fish in a big pond. Play tennis against opponents better than you. Apparently, some folks rise to a challenging environment.Continue reading “The Fish/Pond Equation”