The Fish/Pond Equation

Horse Work: PM heat therapy. An unrelated house crisis* threw my schedule out of whack.
Evaluation: still on the alert. From time off?
Rider Work: mare walk, swim.

It is better to be a small fish in a big pond. Play tennis against opponents better than you. Apparently, some folks rise to a challenging environment. I sink. Years ago, I was a working student at a Major Eventing Barn. The less said of that the better. I returned to my home barn which boarded a combination of local-level competitors and pasture ornaments. One day, I’m in the ring with a gaggle of wide-eyed little girls oohing and aahing over my big, fancy horse. Suddenly I’m jumping 4′.

What manner of fish are you?

[*Since my mother reads this, I should supply specifics. Water pipe broke. Backhoe required. Hired a fellow firefighter. All fixed.]

One thought on “The Fish/Pond Equation

  1. ‘Hired a fellow firefighter’ Rock on!! It still makes me smile. Who would have ever thought.

    Manner of fish depends on the environment and situation!

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