Back in the [figurative] Saddle

Work: AM heat therapy, easy walk/PM groom, ran out of daylight for exercises.
Evaluation*: During the walk, he stayed relaxed despite being annoyed at the dog. Almost like a horse that one might someday want to ride. Almost. Someday. By the end of the grooming, he began to remember that he enjoys being fussed over.

Back in the pool today. I’ve been flailing at swimming off and on since last January. Even though I’m not riding, I can at least get fit. Then I’ll be stellar when I get back on a horse. That’s the theory. After a year, I’ve gotten more comfortable in the water but remain very much at the walk-trot, school horse phase. The canter – the freestyle – eludes me. Today, I signed up for the annual Polar Bear Challenge. The top ten in laps by March get a tee-shirt. The person above me on the log sheet had a lap number for one day that I would be happy to have for a month. If, as I expect, I end up with an embarrassingly low number, I figure that will give me a goal to beat next year.

How do you cross-train?

[*The star doesn’t look as nice in the new theme. I’m test-driving a less judgemental, more descriptive system.]

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  1. Yoga – for balance, body awareness, flexibity, strength and endurance. An all-purpose activity! I highly recommend it as a life skill.

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