Reverse Epiphany

An epiphany is a moment of cosmic harmony. The sudden realization that you are at one with the universe. A reverse epiphany is when you finally admit that the elephant is not only in the room but that tapping sound is the trunk whacking you repeatedly and vigorously. It is the death of denial. IContinue reading “Reverse Epiphany”

Mood Swings

DOWN Rodney loves his stall. It reminds him of his former days as a high-class horse. He gets stalled when Matilda grazes. Usually he trots in. A few days ago, he wouldn’t go. When he finally went, he stood in the corner staring over the horizon waiting for the onrushing hordes. He was completely wired.Continue reading “Mood Swings”


I aim to swim three days a week as my out-of-saddle exercise [Spring Fitness]. However, a forecast of 71o for this evening is making me reluctant to dip my toes – much less the rest of me – into the outdoor pool. I know it will not be heated sufficiently. Nothing short of the whirlpoolContinue reading “Crosstraining”

Horse Dreams

A few nights ago, I dreamt I was fence judging. Unfortunately, the jumps were in a series of intersecting corridors so there was nowhere to stand that wasn’t in the line of another jump. Begin psychological evaluation. The cross-country aspect was new but I frequently have dreams of courses inside houses & of unjumpable fences,Continue reading “Horse Dreams”