Off Topic: Training Exercise

For a fire that is not within reach of a fire hydrant, water comes from portable swimming pools, known as dump tanks. Tankers fill up where they can, perhaps from a lake, perhaps at hydrant too far to reach with hoses. The tankers drive over, dump water in the swimming pools, then return for more.Continue reading “Off Topic: Training Exercise”

Labels: A Gender Rant

I have in my hot, little paw the DVD of Season 1 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (MLP). I’ve posted before about the nonacceptance of MLP fans, even within the science fiction community [Plea]. This is a rant of a different color. I don’t consider myself a MLP Fan. That’s because I don’tContinue reading “Labels: A Gender Rant”


I aim to swim three days a week as my out-of-saddle exercise [Spring Fitness]. However, a forecast of 71o for this evening is making me reluctant to dip my toes – much less the rest of me – into the outdoor pool. I know it will not be heated sufficiently. Nothing short of the whirlpoolContinue reading “Crosstraining”

Horse Dreams

A few nights ago, I dreamt I was fence judging. Unfortunately, the jumps were in a series of intersecting corridors so there was nowhere to stand that wasn’t in the line of another jump. Begin psychological evaluation. The cross-country aspect was new but I frequently have dreams of courses inside houses & of unjumpable fences,Continue reading “Horse Dreams”

Pluses & Minuses

At the risk of turning this blog into Ouroboros endlessly swallowing its tail, I must brag that the haiku from my Rolex pontification [Peregrinatio], has been reposted with a new title by Horse Nation. Snaps again to daily posts from Five Reflections for the inspiration to write a haiku about Eventing. The repost is aContinue reading “Pluses & Minuses”

What’s In Your Wheelhouse?

I’ve been thinking about ancillary skills and how they affect riding. In Thursday’s post, Cur Tales talked about music [Talent]. Such pursuits have been on my mind latently. At the Alabama Phoenix Festival [FF: Push, Ghost, Yeller], I met the artist who draws The Devil’s Panties and discovered the world of webcomics. Now I wantContinue reading “What’s In Your Wheelhouse?”