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At the risk of turning this blog into Ouroboros endlessly swallowing its tail, I must brag that the haiku from my Rolex pontification [Peregrinatio], has been reposted with a new title by Horse Nation. Snaps again to daily posts from Five Reflections for the inspiration to write a haiku about Eventing. The repost is a welcome gracenote lighting the current cloud of petty annoyance in which I wallow.

Annoyance #1: My friends are flooding my Facebook newsfeed with pictures of themselves and their horses doing marvelous things in stadium and on cross-country. I’m happy for them. Really I am. Mostly.

Annoyance #2: Workmen have been at our house all week installing a new HVAC system. It’s no fun to pay strangers oodles of money to install incomprehensible, large metal boxes in one’s house. It’s even less fun when these highly-paid experts are sitting in their truck reading the directions to these fancy new widgets you are buying. Despite my overall disenchantment with my adopted state, I will grudgingly admit that the workmanship is usually impeccable. The workmen (and one woman) who’ve had come to the house have done impressive jobs [Fish/Pond], when I get get them out [HHPR#2]. This week has been the exception. Perhaps the problems were minor and the important bits were installed correctly. The world may never know. Hiring any expert (dentist, farrier, veterinarian) involves an act of trust. So, if they are screwing up the parts you can see, how can you have any confidence in what they are doing to the parts you can’t see & don’t understand? But, I am allowing the miasma to win again.

Name one thing that went well for you today.
Therapy, aka extrication training. Photos by John Entrekin.

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