Back to the Salt Mines

Rodney and I have gone back to … well, work is overstating the case. I be messing with him. Plus, I have started a new exercise. I use an idea previously floated but not developed combined with an approach that wouldn’t work with 99% of horses but might work with him. If it works, I credit the last 3 months [?!, How] of watching his behavior while futzing with Mathilda. What we are doing is both counter-intuitive and silly, so I want to try a few runs before I expose the theory to the gaze of the world. I promise to report on results, good or bad, as soon as we have some. Fear not, the exercise errs on the side of overly permissive rather than overly strict.

Gold star to me for doing something, anything, with my horse. Even if I am being cryptic about it.

Have you had success with non-traditional training approaches?

One thought on “Back to the Salt Mines

  1. Gold stars from here!! Trying is good. Especially working with a new thought to see it through and see if you can have forward motion with a different direction.

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