Horse Hunt – Hiatus

A few nights ago, I had a dream about horse shopping. An old riding buddy (LCM for those who knew me back when) and I were just finishing up an incomprehensible dream activity. As she was leaving, I remembered to ask, “Do you know of any horses for sale.” “Yes,” she replied, “I may haveContinue reading “Horse Hunt – Hiatus”

Horse Dreams, Follow-up

Shortly after posting that I never ride in my dreams [Horse Dreams], I not only rode but jumped without stirrups. Odd because that is a skill I don’t have the real world. I was taking a nap after volunteering at the zoo [Serve]. Over-tired and dehydrated, I slept badly but fell asleep long enough to….Continue reading “Horse Dreams, Follow-up”

Horse Dreams

A few nights ago, I dreamt I was fence judging. Unfortunately, the jumps were in a series of intersecting corridors so there was nowhere to stand that wasn’t in the line of another jump. Begin psychological evaluation. The cross-country aspect was new but I frequently have dreams of courses inside houses & of unjumpable fences,Continue reading “Horse Dreams”