Horse Hunt – Hiatus

A few nights ago, I had a dream about horse shopping.

An old riding buddy (LCM for those who knew me back when) and I were just finishing up an incomprehensible dream activity. As she was leaving, I remembered to ask, “Do you know of any horses for sale.”

“Yes,” she replied, “I may have one, if I buy that chestnut.”

With dream insight, I knew that meant she was willing to sell me a horse of hers I had admired for many unspecified time periods.

End scene.

Before leaving the known ‘verse for DragonCon over Labor Day weekend [Monster], I promised myself that September would be different. I even said as much to my horse hunt fairy godmother [HHPR#1] in a pre-trip email, “When I return, it will be a new month, a new season. I will be organized, productive, stop drinking soda, exercise more often… In short, turn into a completely different person. Oh, and find a —- horse.”

In Atlanta, I had a blast, but failed to create a new persona. This month has looked a lot like last month & the one before & the one before [Spinning]. Part of the problem is motivation, but part is logistical. Between the three kittens and the two geriatrics, my day is eaten up with chores. Cosmic payback for so many years bragging on the low-maintenanceness of our menagerie.

So, the dream was my subconscious’s way of kicking me in the pants. Not one to ignore a k. in the p., I decided to do something, anything. Since my local horse association appears to be selling 15-handers at the moment, I fell back on the saddleseat lesson idea [Random]. Kinda like moving a balky horse. Get going in any direction, then steer back to the intended course.

Success! I have a lesson penciled in for 2 pm on Thursday. I say penciled because last time, we tried for a month but couldn’t get our schedules to synch. If nothing else, I should get content out of it, no small thing after nine months of blogging every day.

What did you do today to advance your plans?
Gratuitous Kitten Pic

Sick kitten dispensation.

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  1. how did the saddlebred lesson go? just to get on a horse, any horse and ride, any style of riding. sit on your saddle and go for a ride in your mind. i had something else to say but my mind has stopped working for the day…..

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