Dreams Be Weird

Work: PM heat, exercise [pl]/EVE groom.
Report: extended plank for photo shoot. Stood like a champ.

Ramblings: Despite being comfy & safe in bed, I had a rough night. I dreamt that Rodney was boarded at a small barn by himself. He was turned out in a pasture with no fence (our dog got out last night) and his hoof fell off (a terrible story a blacksmith told me about weighted shoes). As I was trying to untack him & clean up his recuperation stall, suddenly the barn was full of strange horses, 2-3 to a stall, and Rodney had been moved to another barn. They kept telling me that everything was okay, that he was at Frosty’s barn. But no one would tell me Frosty’s full name or where his barn was (no idea where this came from). The part that stuck with me when I woke up was my rage and incoherence. I was furious. No one seemed to understand why. I would try to scream at people but could only manage a hoarse whisper. I never seem to be capable of working up a really good rant in my dreams.

My horse dreams are usually a room (yes, room) full of unjumpable fences, i.e. heading into a wall, or the bell ringing before my dressage test when I still have to tack up, find my boots, whatever. If dreams are random electrical charges/images that our brains sort into stories, why can’t we have holodeck dreams? Galloping clean around Rolex would be my choice.

Speaking of holodecks, reality is catching up. The future promises to be way weirder than our fiction, if not our dreams.

What is your weirdest horse-related dream?

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